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Pensoft Journal System (PJS 2.0)
Concise Description of In-House Open-Access Publication and Dissemination Services

1. Definitionthe open-access publication process includes six main groups of services (A-F):

   A. Online collaborative manuscript writing tool (Pensoft Writing Tool, PWT)
   B. Online editorial management: Submission, peer-review and editorial process
   C. Production: Layout, proofreading, online open-access publication and hosting
   D. Dissemination of the journal content
   E. Printing and binding
   F. Distribution of the printed version



2. Description of services

A. Online collaborative manuscript writing tool (Pensoft Writing Tool, PWT)

  • A collaborative environment for authors and additional contributors (e.g., mentors, potential reviewers, linguistic and copy editors, etc.) to create and work on an online document (manuscript)
  • Email and chat communication tools within the group of co-authors and contributors associated with a manuscript
  • Automated import of data-structured manuscripts generated in various platforms (e.g., Scratchpads, authors’ databases)
  • Track change and comments tools
  • Revision history, version control and version comparison
  • Pre-defined templates for different types of articles, for instance, research article, review paper, data paper, taxonomic treatments, and others
  • Different templates for taxonomic and nomenclatural acts compliant to the international codes of biological nomenclature (International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants, ICNafp; International Code for Zoological Nomenclature, ICZN)
  • Various models of inclusion of data into manuscript (supplementary files, multimedia, import of data tables, linking to external data repositories, etc.)
  • Markup of text and data during the writing process, with no additional effort for the authors
  • Acquiring and inserting data from external sources into a manuscript in accordance with internationally accepted standards (e.g., species occurrence data in Darwin Core, and others)
  • Pre-submission validation of the manuscript
  • Automated submission from the PWT to the desired Pensoft’s journal

B. Online editorial management: Submission, peer-review and editorial process
  • Online submission of manuscripts
  • Possibility to opt for a conventional, open, public and post-publication peer-review
  • Information on funding agencies and projects included in the submission metadata
  • Information on conflicts of interest included in the submission metadata
  • Customization of the financial conditions of publishing services in the manuscript submission form
  • Customization of waiver and discount options in the manuscript submission form
  • Customization of taxonomic, subject, geographical and other classifications used in a journal
  • Online manuscript flow control and email alerting network between editors, authors, reviewers and publisher
  • Straightforward peer-review process: maintenance of domain-specific reviewers’ databases, joint presentation of all reviews and quick integration of referees and editors’ comments into the manuscript; email review requests, online review forms, reminders, etc.

C. Production:
Layout, proofreading, online open-access publication and hosting

  • Cross-linking of in-text citations of references and figures with their online visualizations (provided in the HTML version of the paper)
  • Obtaining and inserting DOIs through CrossRef for the literature references (when DOIs are available)
  • Multiple-choice data publishing model that enables the publication of data of different types and complexity as follows: 
    • Supplementary data files published alongside with the perspective papers;
    • Support and infrastructure for open data publishing through internationally recognized data repositories, such as Genbank, GBIFBarcode of Life, DryadTreeBASE, Pangaea and others;
    • Specific data types indexed by large data aggregators (e.g., Genbank or GBIF);
    • Data can also be published in the form of marked-up, structured and machine-readable texts;
    • Integration of the editorial workflow with the Dryad Data Repository (useful for a wide array of biodiversity-related data) (optional per journal);
    • Integration of the editorial workflow with the GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) (useful for any kind of taxon occurrence data and checklists/inventories in Darwin Core Archive format) (optional per journal);
    • Assigning DOI numbers to the published datasets;
    • Possibility to describe and publish data in the form of stand-alone, peer-reviewed “data papers”;
    • Publication of multimedia images/files associated with an article;
  • Online publication in PDF, semantically enhanced HTML and XML formats
  • XML version compliant to PubMedCentral’s archiving requirements, based on the TaxPub XML schema
  • Option to publish either (1) separate articles, when ready, and/or (2) separate  issues or yearly volumes when completed
  • Unlimited number of articles or issues per journal per year
  • Special issues under distinct title and editorship (monographs, conference proceedings, collections of papers, Festschrift volumes, etc.)
  • Assigning ISBN numbers to special issues, in addition to the journal’s ISSN,  to provide dissemination through book industry networks
  • No restrictions or additional charges on use of color

Note:  All services decsribed above are provided by the publisher. Authors are responsible only for submission of their data files to external repositories, such as GenBank, GBIF, Dryad, or others.

D. Dissemination
of the online content

Note:  All services decsribed above are provided by the publisher.

E. Printing and binding

  • Printing  of high-resolution, full-color paperback copies
  • Hardcover binding available upon request
  • Reprints on order
  • Printing on “green” (recycled) paper upon request
  • Printing on demand available at a fixed price per copy 
  • Printing of large printrun provided at discounted rates on request

F. Distribution of the printed version
  • Mailing to subscribers, exchange partners, subscription agents and indexing services
  • Larger, monograph-type papers, or special issues, bearing ISBN number distributed through the book industry networks


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