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Zoology & Animal Biology
HomeBooksZoology & Animal BiologyTwentieth Century carabidology in the Nearctic region

Twentieth Twentieth Century carabidology in the Nearctic region
George E Ball

Publisher:Pensoft Publishers
Pages: 16

This chapter is a part of:
Back to the Roots and Back to the Future. Towards a New Synthesis between Taxonomic, Ecological and Biogeographical Approaches in Carabidology»

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Book Description

In extending to me the opportunity to open the meetings that served as the basis for these Proceedings, the organizers probably hoped for an address that would have considerable breadth taxonomically and otherwise. But I have chosen to focus on that part of the world that I inhabit, and in which I fi rst developed my interest in carabid beetles. Since my own working life has spanned mainly the last half of the 20th Century, it seems appropriate to review that period (plus the first decade of the 21st Century) by tracing the history of carabidology for North America north of Mexico, or temperate North America, emphasizing taxonomic aspects. Thus restricted, one could query the appropriateness of this subject for presentation to a principally European audience. But, as shown and emphasized below, the contribution of European carabidologists was vital to the development of North American carabidology during the latter half of the 20th Century. My presentation, then, may be seen as an expression of appreciation and acknowledgement of a debt to Western European carabidology.

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