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HomeBooksHumanities & Social SciencesRebel with a Just Cause.

Rebel Rebel with a Just Cause.
Reminiscences (1922-1951)

S Raikin

Series: A Political Journey Against the Winds of the XX Century #2
Publisher:Pensoft Publishers
P-ISBN hardback:9546421308
Publication date: 2001
Language: English
Short description: 170x240 | b/w photos
Pages: 492
Hardback | € 29.00 | Add to Cart

Book Description Table of Contents

Prof. Spas T. Raikin is born in the village of Zelenikovo, district of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. After graduating from the Plovdiv Theological Seminary (1945) and the School of Theology at the University of Sofia (1949), he was drafted to serve his military service in a slave-labor type of unit from where he defected on May 6, l951. After forty-four days forey in the Rodopi Mountain with an armed resistence group formed by him and his fellow defectors, he crossed the border into Greece.

These events are the subject of this second volume of his reminiscences (The first volume is its Bulgarian version), to be published under the title “A Political Journey Against the Winds of the XX Century.” In exile he studied at the Universities of Athens, Geneva, Basel, and King`s College in England, and after migrating to the U.S. - at Columbia University where he received a M.A. degree in Political Science and History (1959). Before retiring in 1991, he taught History of Civilization, Modern European History and a number of related subjects at the Rio Grande College in Ohio, the State University of New York at Potsdam and East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. In exile he joined numerous organizations opposing communism and was the editor of several of their periodicals and publications.

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