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HomeBooksEcology & EnvironmentMonitoring of saproxylic beetles and other insects protected in the European Union

Monitoring Monitoring of saproxylic beetles and other insects protected in the European Union
Special Issue

A Campanaro, G M Carpaneto, et al

Series: Nature Conservation #19
Publisher:Pensoft Publishers
P-ISBN paperback:9789546428677
Publication date: July 2017
Language: English
Pages: 244
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E-Book | Open access | Download as: PDF document

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Fourteen years have passed since the National Centre for Forest Biodiversity “Bosco Fontana” organized the International Symposium “Dead Wood: a Key to Biodiversity” in Mantua. In these years the National Centre has maintained its original identity, continuing its dedicated work on saproxylic invertebrates, convinced of their vital importance for forest ecosystems. This adventure began at the end of the 1980s, when Martin Speight, author of the famous “Report” of the Council of Europe “Les invertébrés saproxyliques et leur protection”, visited the reserve Bosco Fontana. This report was highly influential in informing the public and also forest managers on the importance of dead wood.

The recognition of the importance of dead wood has steadily increased; so much so that the European Union today considers this resource a “proxy” for the conservation of biodiversity in forests. What matters most is that finally the concept of conservation of the saproxylic fauna is also accepted by forestry sciences, traditionally a conservative discipline. In the last years new forest management techniques were developed, such as “islets of senescence” in France and Switzerland and “arteries for biodiversity” in Italy.

The European Workshop of the Life Project “Monitoring of Insects with public participation”, aimed primarily at the development of standard monitoring techniques for five species of saproxylic beetles, is aiming to advance the recognition of the importance of dead wood with two publications: “Guidelines for the Monitoring of five species of saproxylic beetles “and the proceedings of the European workshop of the LIFE project.

The hope is that these two publications will help to consolidate the conservation of saproxylics in the daily practical work of forest managers, so that these concepts will not disappear in the “dusty drawer of good intentions”.

Franco Mason
Project manager Life 11 NAT/IT/00252
“Monitoring Insects with public participation”
Verona/Mantova, May 2017
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