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Zoology & Animal Biology
HomeBooksZoology & Animal BiologyCatalogue of Aleocharine Rove Beetles of Canada and Alaska (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae)

Catalogue Catalogue of Aleocharine Rove Beetles of Canada and Alaska (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae)
N Gouix, Jan Klimaszewski

Series: Pensoft Series Faunistica #65
Publisher:Pensoft Publishers
P-ISBN hardback:9789546422941
Publication date: 2007
Language: English
Short description: 170x245 | 16 color plates of represntatives of each genus, references, index
Pages: 168
Hardback | € 60.00 | Add to Cart
E-Book | € 54.00 | Add to Cart

Book Description Table of Contents Sample Pages

The first comprehensive catalogue of difficult to identify and poorly known Canadian and Alaskan aleocharine rove beetles is presented. Aleocharine rove beetles represent one of the great monophyletic radiations in the history of life. This radiation is characterized by diverse habitat, microecological and behavioural specialization in various lineages. Their small size, strongly flexible body, defensive strategies, excellent mobility and their ability to adapt to various microhabitats enabled them to compete with other arthropods and succeed. This catalogue is meant to bridge the gap in our knowledge and provide the most recent list of synonyms and valid species occurring in Canada and Alaska in a classification that reflects the current state of knowledge. In total, 387 valid species classified in 92 genera and 14 tribes, and 351 synonyms and 6 uncertain records are reported. Compiled information is provided on the tribes, genera, species and synonyms with references to the original descriptions for genera and species, the status of each species, references to revision and monographic publication if applicable, and a summary of current distribution of valid species. There are 312 references on the subject and 102 colour images of species representing genera included in the catalogue. The authors hope that this publication will stimulate further efforts to unravel the history of Canadian and Alaskan rove beetles fauna.
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